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R & D

Research and Development has and always will be of paramount importance to Chorus Labs. There is a good strong reason for this emphasis. We wanted to ensure that the processes being implemented for the products are cost effective, safe and secure and come with an optimum advantage to be in accordance with our goals in terms of quality and quantity.

With a strong foundation laid, we are giving a strong look at the present scenario where stringent patent regime is prevalent and has become sacrosanct. This is precisely a reason to ensure that our team of scientists are involved in developing non-infringing processes for the products. At the outset, we looked at this as an effort to develop strong processes for APIs.

Our capabilities and efforts thus far are a clear predicament to our strength in carrying out a wide range of reactions, which are otherwise considered difficult implementations. With research capabilities that speak about strength and seamlessness, Chorus Labs has initiated discussions backed by strong and clear strategies with renowned companies for carrying out the Contract Research. For instance, custom synthesis is one of our focus area where the company has been concentrating on and is initiating work on several projects.

R&D Overview

Chorus's emphasis is on a strong outlook and this is evident from its investments in Research and Development. The end-result of this investment is for everyone to see. Chorus churns out processes that are cost effective, safe and offers the company an optimum advantage in terms of quantity and quality. With strong foundations in place, the company now envisages a R&D strategy that takes cognizance of the present scenario where stringent patent regime is under implementation.

The company is also showing innovation for operational excellence by foraying in to contract research. Contract research can be a very delicate process to be implemented and Chorus has continuously worked through its processes to evolve strategies to make this a seamless initiative. The company is in discussions with renowned companies for being a part of its Contract Research program.

Apart from its strong emphasis on R&D, the company is also investing its energies in custom synthesis and is initiating work on several projects. Additionally, Chorus is on the verge of commencing basic research activities to develop and screen new chemical entities for different therapeutic categories.