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Welcome to Chorus

Vision & Values

Chorus Labs values its position in the pharma industry as an aggressive player at a global level and looks at solidifying its position in supplying generics, combining intellectual property and strong human resource inputs. The company values social responsibilities associated with companies in the pharma industry and its importance in reaching higher altars.

Customer-focus, understanding the requirements of the eco-system and delivering the products at the right pace is a core value of the company. Chorus Labs values its people and considers it as the core of all its success. The company continuously invests in their capabilities and believes in honing the skills of its eomployees to reach the pinnacle of success.

The company believes in continuous evaluation and improvement that results in transforming the organization into a global force to reckon with. Chorus envisions itself a process driven company with a passion to develop products that are eco-friendly. The company makes a conscious efforts to ensure that none of its processes disturb the ecological harmony.


Chorus’s mission is to be a global player in the pharma world by deploying processes that are in accordance with the requirements of healthcare. Imbibing the philosophy of being conscious to both, its stakeholder and the social community, the company is driven by its zeal to better its research and manufacturing capabilities.

Today, it’s a name which epitomizes hard work, experience and success. A young company that is making its presence felt and making its presence in nationally and internationally. Involved in the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, Chorus Labs is one of its kind of the very few companies which have been able to carve a niche in the pharmaceutical industry given the present scenario where it requires a right blend of intellectual strength, core competencies and a precise foresight for the future.